360 Photo Booth


32″ 360 Photo Booth For Sale by Airbooth

Modern 360 photo booth with infinity mirror, remote control operation and customizable LED lighting.

In stock now and ready to ship

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360 Photo Booth For Sale

Product name: 360 Photo Booth Infinity LED 32″ 

The 360 Photo Booth by Airbooth is a glamorous 32″ 360 booth that will bring excitement to your next event. Each 360 booth has a magic infinity mirror LED effect that will set your 360 apart from the others. The Airbooth 360 booth comes with a protective flight case and additional LED lighting. It also comes with a red carpet and a USB battery pack for your ring light. You will need to utilize your own phone or ipad and choose your own software. We recommend curator, snappic or  touchpix. You can use the camera built into your phone or ipad or use bluetooth to connect a go pro or dslr camera. Camera and ipad or phone is not included. Make incredible memories with the Airbooth 360 Photo Booth.
  • Automatic spin with adjustable speeds
  • 3-4 person capacity with an 660lb weight limit
  • Slim lightweight design for easy transportation and storage
  • Multi-mount design for cell phones, gopros, DSLR cameras, tablets, and more
  • Adjustable mounting arm and base stabilizers
  • Durable flight case to keep your booth protected
Product dimensions (not in flight case) 32 inches diameter x 6.3 inches height. (rotating camera arm not included in dimensions)
Product dimensions (in flight case) 33 inches x 33 inches x 9 inches. 
Product weight (in flight case): 136 lbs
Product weight (not in flight case) 95 lbs
360 Photo Booth with infinity mirror effect
Flight case with wheels
Additional LED studio lighting
Red carpet
Remote controls for 360 booth and RGB LED lights

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 91 × 91 × 45 cm

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