The Story of the Airbooth Kiosk

After a few years in the Party Rental Industry and being a father to a 4-year-old boy, I started experiencing chronic back pain. I knew I needed to get some professional help for my back, but I also new I could make the photo booth setup process easier and less physically demanding. I wanted fewer trips to the car, faster assembly, and easy transportation. The Airbooth Kiosk was the result of this effort. There is no better feeling than when an Airbooth client tells us how much they like our product design. As a photo booth operator, I can tell you that this kiosk will make your business run smoother. The Aitbooth Kiosk eliminates a lot of the stress in prepping for an event because the electronics and their wiring are all built in. After you roll it in, just stand it up, plug it in, turn on your camera, lights, and computer, and you are ready to go. The Airbooth team and I are proud that our Kiosk is manufactured and assembled in the United Sates.

-Paul Rubino

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