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Airbooth Magic Mirror

Airbooth Mirror Booth

Looking to add something new and exciting to your photo booth rental business inventory? The Airbooth Magic Mirror is finally here. The most elegant design in the industry packed full of every feature you can imagine. This is a full size mirror booth with professional studio lighting and a slim profile making life just a little bit easier for you and your rental business.

New features from top to bottom including a rear facing 17″ touch screen (Dell all-in-one i7 processor with 16G of ram), Digibee 800 flash, Pioneer speakers, Rode microphone, Samsung 4K monitor and more. Currently Airbooth mirror booths are custom made to order specifications.

Inflatable Photo Booth

inflatable photo booth

        Airbooth Inflatable Photo Booth

Looking to add something new and exciting to your photo booth rental business inventory? You can transform your current photo booth setup into a modern and unique look that will set you apart from your competition. An inflatable photo booth shell by Airbooth has a fast setup and is easy to transport. The inflatable cube is designed to easily fit over almost any photo booth kiosk.

No need to replace your current system – for a fraction of a new unit’s price, your shell instantly provides a modern makeover. With customizable LED colors, easy setup, and a look no one else has, your photo booth will be the talk of the party. The inflatable cube will attract attention towards your rental business through marketing and during events. Trust in Airbooth for dependable customer service, a full year warranty on electronics, and replacement parts in stock.

Photo Booth Kiosk

Photo Booth Kiosk

           Airbooth Photo Booth Kiosk

Choose AirBooth for your photo booth kiosk solution. We provide a sleek look with a simple setup. This durable stainless steel kiosk folds right in half for easy storage and handling. The kiosk features wheels for easy transportation, and a tilting camera box that will fit almost any DSLR camera.  The Airbooth kiosk comes standard with a Dell all-in-one computer equipped with a solid state drive, Canon Rebel T7  Camera, and two constant LED Lights to allow for excellent lighting control. Turn this product into the total turnkey photo booth package by adding an inflatable shell, Darkroom software and a printer.

The Airbooth folding kiosk is our flagship product. Make your life easier with it’s convenient features and recent electronic upgrades.


360 Photo Booth

360 Photo Booth Buffalo Ny

360 Photo Booth for sale

360 Photo Booths are the hottest photo booths in the industry. They create a fun user experience and a slow motion GIF video output that can be sent straight to the users phone. Our custom infinity mirror lighting platform will add a futuristic and modern touch to any event. If you are in the market to purchase a 360 photo booth check out the Airbooth 360.Airbooth 360 Photo Booths are the most beautiful 360 booths on the market. Full remote control rotation and durable flight case on wheels for set up and transport.

Commanding high rental fees, the 360 Photo Booth is an excellent addition to your photo booth rental business that will soon have you capitalizing on your investment. The 360 booth is a great way to update your inventory and offer clients the latest in photo booth technology.