Inflatable Photo Booth For Sale

Airbooth offers inflatable photo booths for sale. Airbooth was one of the first to enter this market in the United States and prides itself in good customer service that cannot be achieved through overseas vendors. Airbooth keeps inflatable photo booth cubes in stock in Buffalo, NY.  Airbooth also keeps replacement fans and bulbs in stock. The Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosures can be a major asset to any photo booth rental business. The cube attracts attention! If you are at an event, people are attracted to the unique design and are curious to go inside. Advertising becomes more interesting when you have a concept that truly differentiates yourself from the competition. You will book more rentals when you bring the cube to a bridal show. Brides will be attracted to the modern and unique design.

The cube comes with built in color-changing LED lights that can be controlled via remote control. The inflatable cube is offered in all white, or with a white exterior and a black interior. The cube is made out of heavy-duty 210D Oxford cloth.        Its stands 7.8ft tall and weighs only 22lbs. The inflatable photo booth cube runs on a constant fan that won’t be noticed over the noise of a small party. When the booth is deflated and rolled up, it can fit in a 20-gallon tub.

The inflatable photo booth cube can help attract attention and grow your rental business. Presenting the Airbooth cube as an option for your rental clients will set you apart from other rental companies who may be limited to one style of photo booth. The inflatable cube can accommodate groups of up to six people comfortably. More than six people can fit if positioned properly. The Inflatable Photo Booth Cube is available for purchase at

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