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Airbooth Magic Mirror

Airbooth Magic Mirror

Airbooth now offers the mirror booth for sale. The Airbooth magic mirror design is elegant and available in any color you can imagine. The advantage of our aluminum frame is that it  looks great from both sides. 

The display features a 65 inch two way tempered glass mirror and a 43 inch HD display. Our pc comes with an i5 processor and 8G of ram standard.  The Magic Mirror also includes powerful mounted speakers and a retractable microphone for recording audio. The speakers are a great added bonus for directions, audio playback and music. This model comes with an alien bee flash with model light to ensure excellent photo quality. Canon T6i camera comes standard. 

Our full size mirror booth cabinet is on wheels and has a full length door on the back to make accessing components easy. Dual handles and an additional front handle were installed to make transportation more convenient. 

Mirror booths command $400/hour or more in most markets. If you are in the photo booth rental industry or looking to get started the magic mirror booth is a great way to increase your revenue. Airbooth offers this machine as a complete package, shell or anywhere in between. Call or text 716-946-9602 for more information. The text on the top portion of the cabinet is customizable. A printer can be added for as low as $495. Airbooth set out to make a mirror booth that doesn’t look ugly and industrial. Our gloss finished powder coating and rounded edges provide a look that is pleasing and functional. 

Our system runs on windows and Dakroom 3.0 software is included. If you prefer a different photo booth software we can use that instead and adjust for pricing. Don’t spend over ten thousand dollars on an industrial or small mirror booth. Get a beautiful full sized mirror booth at a competitive price to maximize your profitability. 


  • 65 inch two way tempered glass mirror
  • 43 inch HD Display
  • i5 processor pc with 8G of ram
  • Canon T6i Camera
  • Alien Bee Flash
  • Powder Coating available in any color 
  • Darkroom 3.0 Software
  • Video and audio Capable
  • Social media sharing & text and email sharing
  • Powerful Mounted Speakers
  • Retractable Microphone
  • Two year warranty on the function of all hardware and electronics
  • 24/7 support 

Complete Package: $7495 Includes everything in the features list above. Add a printer for as low as $495.

We sell the mirror booth as a shell starting at $3595.

We can add components such as two way tempered glass mirror, IR frame, monitor and more by request.

Contact us via call or text for a custom quote 716-946-9602. Ask how to save on shipping.