Complete Photo Booth Package For Sale

Complete Photo Booth For Sale

An all-in-one photo booth package

If you are new to the photo booth rental business, or need to add another unit to your inventory, the Turnkey Photo Booth is the perfect package for you. Our standard Turnkey package includes:

  • Airbooth Kiosk
  • Canon T6 camera
  • Promaster LED lights
  • Dell all-in-one touch screen computer with SSD
  • Darkroom 3.0 Software
  • Inflatable Party Cube
  • Brava 21 or DNP RX1 printer with one set of paper and ink

A Complete Photo Booth Package can be setup in less than 7 minutes – including inflation. The Party Cube features LED lights that can be programmed to match the colors of your event. The cube is a great way to differentiate your business from local rental competition and attract attention through marketing.

Airbooth Turnkey Packages include: operational support, advertising advice, and marketing materials to show clients what a photo booth can do for their event.

We also offer custom packages for those looking to add specific pieces to their photo booth rental options. Contact us today to begin creating your own tailored photo booth package.

Reasons to Choose the Airbooth Complete Photo Photo Booth For Sale
The Airbooth Turnkey Photo Booth Package is everything you need to run your photo booth. If you are new to the business or need to add another unit to your inventory, you can purchase everything in one transaction. You will also receive support and instruction on how to run the booth as well as tips on how to advertise. Airbooth provides marketing materials such as professional photos and videos to help your rental business grow and stand out from the rest.

Features of the Airbooth Turnkey Package

  •  The entire photo booth package including the enclosure (22 lbs), kiosk (45 lbs) and printer (22 lbs) weighs less than 90 lbs.
  • Setup time is less than 7 minutes total
  • Marketing Materials are Included

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