Airbooth in 2019

Airbooth has undergone a series of annual updates since it’s release in 2015. The concept of the Airbooth has truly stood the test of time and it will continue to be updated moving forward. The most exciting new feature is a small but powerful flash. Adding this speedlight to your Airbooth is a $200 upgrade that comes with wiring and the flash unit so you will never have to charge it. Your Airbooth is now offered with constant lighting and flash lighting. Airbooth has made several wiring updates in the past few years. Recently we eliminated one of the power bricks to allow for more space inside of the unit. Airbooth also comes with the Darkroom software. When they update we update. You will always get the latest version of the Darkroom software when you purchase an Airbooth. We do still run an open platform and you can choose another photo booth software that runs on Windows if you’d like. When you own an Airbooth there are no annual fees.

Some of our previous updates that are worth mentioning are including a solid state drive in every pc. This adds to the durability of the pc as well as increases it’s overall boot speed and operational speed. Another previous update was the honey comb stainless steel pc mount that saves space and keeps the unit safe.

The Airbooth has always been produced in Buffalo, NY. We’ve seen many competitors source their photo booth kiosks from overseas and the quality of material and craftsmanship is usually a lower grade and not built to last. Stainless steel costs significantly more than aluminum to work with but we will continue to use it to offer the best possible quality machines. If you are considering getting into the photo booth industry or adding a unit to your fleet give us a call to answer any questions about our products or general information on the photo booth business. 716-946-9602

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