Looking to make your event stand out?

If you are a DJ, photographer, or are some kind of vendor in the Wedding Industry you probably noticed the growing popularity of the photo booth. Being an entrepreneur, you may have thought to yourself, how hard can it be? Then you find out Photo Booth rental companies charge between $400-$1000 for 3-5 hour events. By now you’re probably considering adding one to your business. So, you start to research what is needed to run a photo booth. And there is a lot to consider: An enclosure, Inflatable Photo Booths, Airbooth, back drops, props, kiosk, camera, software, hd printer, lights, and how to put it all together into something that looks fun, elegant, enticing; worthy of any special event. You must decide if you want to build your own or buy from a vendor. Airbooth is a good example of a photo booth vendor that would be good to consider because they offer a Turn-Key photo booth solution. All of this can be overwhelming and you may start to doubt if this is the right business decision. You may also delay getting started because you need time to do research. This research has been done time and time again and is becoming more readily accessible. Now that photo booth has become a very popular to have at special events, the past 3 years have seen a sharp increase in new photo booth vendor companies and rental prices have began to lower. When you are looking for your first photo booth, take into consideration the setup time, ease of transport and  its design. The style of you photo booth can either make or break your business. Be sure to do some research on your market before you decide what you want your booth to look like. Picture yourself as a customer and ask, “what would I want my photo booth to look like at my wedding, graduation, company party?” Your photo booth experience should be unique and fresh and add value to any celebration. As a turn key photo booth rental company, it is important to realize you are there to capture fond memories on arguably the most important day in someone’s life. Make sure you know what you’re doing, have the right equipment and have plenty of supplies to provide an excellent experience every time. Airbooth can help get you started with the right photo booth and marketing materials to make you successful.

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