What To Look For In Photo Booth Electronics

A photo booth kiosk can only be as trusted and reliable as the electronics inside. To run a photo booth in the wedding rental business you will generally need the following:

A DSLR Camera , ALL In One Computer, Dye Sublimation Photo Booth Printer , and a lighting component. You will also need the following cables: USB to Mini USB (Connects DSLR Camera to Computer), USB to Printer Cable (They come with the printer but you should buy one that’s approx. 10ft long for a more flexible set up) Power adapter for your camera (This way you don’t have to charge a battery for each event)

Now you may be wondering what camera, computer, and printer to choose. As far as the camera goes, the question is what are you using it for? If you were just running a photo booth to take photos, I would recommend the Canon Rebel T5 It has all of the features needed to run a booth and is reliable and among the most affordable. If you plan on shooting video in your booth, I would recommend the Canon’s Rebel i Series. The Canon Rebel T5i features an external microphone jack as well as a self-cleaning sensor.

As far as a computer, make sure you find an ALL In One touch screen computer or tablet that is powerful enough to run your software. My favorite photo booth software is Darkroom. To run Darkroom you will need at least an Intel i3 processor, and 4 gigs of ram. If you plan on shooting green screen or video, I would recommend an Intel i5 processor. I would strongly recommend using a solid-state drive (SSD) instead of a regular hard drive. This will help the computer run faster, smoother, boot faster, and it is far more durable. Photo Booth Kiosks are moved around a lot, for that reason Airbooth Photo Booths only put solid state drives in there computers.

When choosing a printer I would consider how many prints it can hold at once, the weight of the printer and the print speed. You can refer to Imaging Spectrums Printer Comparison Chart

Thank you for reading. My name is Paul Rubino if you would like to contact me with any questions visit http://airbooths.com/contact/ and shoot me an email.

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