Owning a Photo Booth Business

Starting a Photo Booth business can provide a very substantial additional income to your livelihood. The wedding industry as a whole is unique in that the main work occurs on the weekends, leaving a realistic work week available for another job. With the right marketing and advertising efforts, a solid brand, and an aesthetically functional photo booth; it can very well turn from a side job to a full time job. Arising as another form of entertainment from an existing DJ company, we quickly grew our photo booth division into a 15-20 rental/week operation during wedding season.
Not only do we provide you with professional photos and videos of our products, but we are here 7 days/week for photo booth support. Whether it’s technical support, general business advice, or marketing tips; we’re here to help you become a successful business. One tip in particular that we want to offer is this: provide variety. Giving your customers more than one option for their experience makes them more excited to use your service.
Having variety in your photo booth enclosure design is one way to make your business more appealing. It shows that you care about your appearance and detailing the enclosure to your client’s design. Weddings for instance may be more suited with an elegant design such as the open air kiosk with a backdrop, while Mitzvahs and birthdays can look better with an inflatable photo booth. Showcase your different options on your website and flyer material during bridal shows so that potential customers can see what you offer. A good strategy can also involve giving your enclosures different prices to make some more valuable than others and create demand. Be sure to pay good attention to your booking system and document what the client wants, in order to avoid scheduling errors with quantities available.

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